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A record-breaking heat wave swept through Canada, the United States, and dozens of people died

On June 27, 2021, in the U.S. Olympic Track and field trials in Eugene, Oregon, a sign showing the current temperature appeared after the event was postponed due to the high temperature. (Photo: AP / Charlie Riedel)

Vancouver: Authorities said on Tuesday (June 29) that dozens of deaths in the Vancouver area of ​​Canada may be related to a terrible heat wave, as the country recorded the highest temperature ever recorded and the hot weather extended to the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

According to data released by the City Police Department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, since last Friday, at least 134 people have died suddenly in the Vancouver area.

The Vancouver Police Department alone stated that since last Friday, they have responded to more than 65 sudden deaths, most of which are “related to extreme heat.”

According to Environment Canada (Environment Canada), on Tuesday, Canada set a new record for three consecutive days, and the temperature in Leiden, British Columbia reached 49.5 degrees Celsius. Sneakers2090 Leiden is about 250 kilometers east of Vancouver.

Officer Steve Addison said: “Vancouver has never experienced such extreme heat. Sadly, dozens of people have died because of the heat.”

Other local municipal governments also stated that they have responded to many sudden death calls, but have not yet issued tolls.

Climate change is causing record temperatures to become more frequent. Globally, the ten years ending in 2019 is the hottest decade on record, and the hottest five years have occurred in the past five years.

Stay cool when the temperature soars-On June 27, 2021, cliff divers line up along the Clackamas River at High Rock Park in Portland, Oregon. (Photo: AFP/Nathan Howard)

The extreme heat from Oregon in the U.S. to the Canadian Arctic has been blamed on the high-pressure crest that trapped the warm air in the region.

According to the National Weather Service (National Weather Service) data, the temperature in Washington, DC in the Pacific Northwest cities of Portland, Oregon and Seattle reached the highest level since records began in the 1940s: Portland 46 degrees Celsius, Seattle 42 degrees Celsius.

In Vancouver on the Pacific coast, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius for a few days. Due to high humidity, climatologists in the inland area along the Fraser River Delta said Tuesday it felt like 43.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The chief coroner of British Columbia, including Vancouver, said, “According to reports, there has been a significant increase in the number of deaths in places suspected to be caused by extreme heat.”

The agency said in a statement that from Friday to Monday, it recorded 233 deaths, compared to an average of 130.

“The hottest week in history”

British Columbia John Horgan said at a press conference: “We are in the hottest week in British Columbia, which will have catastrophic consequences for families and communities.”

He said: “How did we spend this extraordinary moment.”

He urged “check those we know who may be at risk, Jordan Sale USA ,make sure we have air-conditioning in the refrigerator, or we stay in the coldest part of the house, and make sure we are taking steps to weather this heat wave.”

On June 29, 2021, 7-year-old Alija Garcia plays at the sprinkler station in Ben Ross Park, New Bedford, Massachusetts, to escape the heat. (Photo: Peter Pereira / The Standard-Times via AP)

Environment Canada has issued warnings to parts of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, stating that “continuous, dangerous and historic heat waves will continue until This week”.

The US National Weather Service issued a similar warning, urging people to “stay in air-conditioned buildings, avoid strenuous outdoor activities, drink a lot of water, and check family members/neighbors.”

The heat wave forced schools and COVID-19 vaccination centers in the Vancouver area to close, while officials set up temporary fountains and spray stations on street corners.

The portable air conditioners and fans in the store quickly sold out, so some people who hadn’t cooled down at home told AFP that they were curled up in an air-conditioned car or underground parking lot at night. Hot Sale Jordans ,Alena Ashenberg of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, at Windsurfs near the beach near South Boston, Boston, June 29, 2021. (Photo: AP/Steven Senne).

Cities in the western United States and Canada have opened emergency cooling centers, and outreach personnel have distributed water bottles and hats.

In Eugene, Oregon, organizers were forced to adjust the final day of the U.S. Olympic track and field events and postpone the afternoon game until the evening.

The extreme high temperature and severe drought also created perfect conditions for several fires on the weekend. By Monday morning, a fire on the California-Oregon border had destroyed approximately 600 hectares of land.

David Phillips, a senior climatologist at Environment Canada, told AFP on Monday: “Dubai will be cooler than what we see now.”

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