March 30, 2023 11:14 am

Joe Biden knows that we can’t force Afghanistan to be recreated in our image

The U.S. general responsible for the war in Afghanistan has just resigned, and the Biden administration has completed more than 90%.In the planned drawdown of our military presence, and the Taliban doubled the territory they heldEarlier this year – their rapid expansion was amazing even for them.

Last week, more than 1,000 Afghan troops fled to neighboring Tajikistan instead of facing Taliban fighters, and Bagram Airfield was immediately looted.After the US military left it late at night, 2021Sneakers,without electricity or prior notice to Afghan authorities.

There are two competing stories about these developments and their implications for US foreign policy. One is exactly why Afghanistan has become the longest war in the United States. Second, if it is rocking, it could eventually break the dangerous, costly and inhumane military intervention pattern of 9/11 and beyond in the Great Middle East

“Maybe a little more war” doesn’t workThe first story seems to tell a hopeful story, but it is misleading and superficial hope. It says Afghanistan needs US intervention. Stay a little longer, fight a little longer, make another surge, try a new strategy, hire another commander, New Drop Jordans ,vote for a new president, drop a big bomb, this, maybe it, Perhaps, like Ret, a long promise that “disability will be suppressed, democracy will be promoted, human rights will advance, and terrorism will be suppressed.” Colonel Andrew Basevic announced it in diplomacy five years ago, and it will finally happen.USA TODAY Opinion Newsletter: Get the best insights and analytics delivered to your inboxPerhaps a little more war, the sacrifice of US troops and the suffering of Afghan civilians are worth it.

Maybe a little more warTrillions of borrowings, spending, losses, and commitments to future spending will make a worthwhile purchase.

Maybe there’s a little more war and everyone will understand how the US government was right and needed to spend20 yearsIn countries that are geographically and culturally far apart, the first mission is accomplished almost immediately, followed by subsequent missions.There is no existential connection to American security,A nation-building project that never succeeded and never succeeded.This story is fascinating and, of course, so.No conscientious person wants to see Afghanistan in a chaotic state, lacking good governance and protection of human rights (especially for Afghan women).Uniquely vulnerable) or subject to terrorism. The story that a little more US military intervention can secure these goods is fascinating just because they are genuine and important goods that the Afghan people should have.Salvage operation:Here’s how you can save Afghanistan from ruin even if you withdraw US troops.But the problem of succumbing to that complaint is the article in the second story: they are not products that US military intervention can ensure. The turmoil and Taliban interests seen in Afghanistan as many US troops depart do not prove that a longer war could lead to victory.They are a new addition to Everest of evidence that such a victory can never be achieved, promises are always empty, and “progress” that seems to have been made in the course of a generation of conflict has always been an illusion. ..Afghanistan diplomacy is neededThe rapid disappearance of the stability imposed by the United States shows its inherent flaws, New Release Yeezy ,and the proposal of the first story of keeping vulnerable impositions indefinitely inherited the fallacy of sunk costs as a policy. It is. As President Joe Biden himself admits, Washington cannot “create or maintain a permanent Afghan government.” Recent headlines remind us of that.This does not mean that the second story does not provide hope. For Afghanistan, without US military intervention, it is hoped that a regional political solution to perhaps 40 years of civil war will be negotiated and enforced.We cannot succeed:Biden’s best bet is to leave AfghanistaA US drawdown would deprive the Taliban of its key asset, the claim to protect Afghanistan from foreign aggression, but it would still be difficult, stalled, and perhaps a long process.Nevertheless, if a solution is possible, it will be made by Afghan diplomacy, not by a US bomb.For the United States, I hope the government will ultimately learn from the mistakes in Afghanistan and keep foreign policy away from constant military intervention and attempts to recreate a distant society with the image of the United States. Biden’s Afghanistan planning framework suggests that he has absorbed some of the lessons, but only some.Which story will win in the coming months may be important for foreign policy in the coming decades. The shallow historical optimism of the first story will re-commit us to a lasting war. The second realism may be the way to peace.

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