November 28, 2021 12:08 am

A Zoom-Loving Hoopers Dream Nike Zoom GT Jump On Sale

As early as March this year, the 2021Shoes Basketball “Beyond Series” was launched, which is a basketball shoe designed for athletes. GT running, powered by React Foam and front foot focus Zoom, is for miles in the game to go from baseline to baseline at an absurd speed. Zoom GT Cut (we must admit that this is one of the best basketball sneakers we have worn in a minute) uses full-length Zoom and React to provide tailored support for multi-directional tailoring. Zoom GT Jump is a behemoth in Zoom packaging, it will make the goofy jump out of the arena with ease. Although Nike did create a shoe that fits everyone, the “greater than” series emphasizes the importance of the mobile type. When it comes to buffering specifically, it gets a load: the full-length Zoom Strobel with the Zoom GT jump function, and the extra Zoom unit on the front foot and Zoom. Any of these devices is sufficient, but this special stacking device is to encourage more jumps.

More than a year ago, many people were very happy to hear about the return of Adidas Streetball. These fans will definitely share their excitement about the sequel, New Release Yeezy which recently launched a brand new multi-color game. Despite the vibrant hue, the packaging does not deviate too close to any extreme. Crimson, mustard yellow and neon green are soft to some extent, especially when paired with black leather and synthetic materials, which make up most of the toe and heel. In the palette, the lightest are the knives and the tongue: the latter is tan, the former is a white midsole and a partially transparent rubber sole. The upper frame introduces a new JumpWire, we think it provides Flywire’s 360″ locking function. Pebax’s frame skipping provides a feeling of elasticity, similar to the propulsion effect produced by the full-length board in current running shoes. In this At one point, Zoom Air is synonymous with Nike basketball shoes, so if you stick to the mat, the volume and area support provided by GT Jump, high-altitude athletes will be attracted. Earlier this year, Nike confirmed the decline in sales at the end of 2021. So please continue to pay attention to the release details, because this information will be released on Nike’s official website soon. As for the suggested retail price, don’t expect the price of GT Run to be less than $175. If the price of this high-tech package is around $200, Don’t be surprised, this is the suggested retail price of LeBron 19.

This easy-to-use Nike Go FlyEase shoe was touted by Time Magazine as one of the best consumer innovative products of the year. It is currently launching more new colors to make it worn by those who need it most. superior. We all remember the initial start-up that went to FlyEase to touch the mainstream news line due to the exposure of Jimmy Fallon,Hey Dude Shoes  ,but as the robot/dealer grabbed the shoes, the lack of righteousness aroused a conversation in Nike’s efforts to ensure the distribution of its products. This in itself will be a long process, requiring a lot of resources from Nike, and it is not easy to solve logistically, but what Nike can at least do is to produce more products. Earlier this month, Nike SB driver and professional skater Ishod Wair revealed a secret to the world-his first pair of signature shoes. This skate shoe is aptly named Nike SB Ishod. It has a little old-school DNA. It is obvious from the appearance of the toe box that this is an affirmation of the Air Jordan 1. There are a lot of modern design touches and materials, you can see the reverse Swoosh logo in the movement on the heel, the ventilation frame in the middle of the foot plate, protect the fox-style skates in the key area to reduce wear and tear. The reactive foam acts as the main cushion, while the rubber traction mode is carefully crafted to accommodate the movement required for multi-directional grip.

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