November 27, 2021 11:21 pm

Barcelona Patterns Dress Up This Air Jordan 1 Low In Patent Leather

Historically, the Air Jordan 1 Low has been the most experimental decoration in #23’s first iconic sneaker-this trend continues to dominate, New Drop Jordans ,the latest patent leather and “Barcelona” patterned children’s shoes are evidence. This upcoming retro model will also launch an adult version, a vibrant summer suit. The white smooth leather lays the patent leather covered in a strong and shiny blue tone. Although these panels are eye-catching on their own, it can be said that they assist in the geometric mismatch pattern on the neckline of each shoe. This pattern was inspired by a sweater that Michael Jordan wore off the field during the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Previously, this pattern appeared on many Jordan’s jerseys. Under the feet, Air Jordan 1 gave up any bold colors and adopted a light plastic brown outsole, highlighting its own style.

Although he has not made his debut in the NBA season of the 2021-22 season, Rui Hachimura of the Washington Wizards has consolidated his position 2021Sneakers as the future face of the league since he was selected in 2019. To celebrate him, Jordan Brand not only signed the 23-year-old player, but also gave him a special edition of Jordan 36. Soon, the Japanese will launch his own flying man Jordan 8 in the retail market. This newly launched retro sneaker adopts the color scheme of “Twine/Gym Red/Black/Sesame” and presents Michael Jordan’s eighth iconic sneaker in a striking theme suit. The blend of perforated and non-perforated suede is combined with smooth synthetic leather throughout the upper, covering the profiles and along the tongue to boast an “aging” pattern. Hachimura’s “H” logo replaced the pronunciation of “Jumpman”, although the chenille material replayed its role; bold scarlet hues were chosen for both parts to echo the personal touches of many forwards.

Elsewhere, the packaging of sneakers is a special occasion for re-working, Hey Dude Women’s Shoes with the Nike brand next to the aforementioned “H” logo on the tissue. The box itself deviates from the standard graphics, and is more inclined to describe Hachimura winning two elven baskets; Japanese characters are paired with the image of a Washington wizard, wearing a special Jordan 8. As early as August 2020, Kanye himself disclosed the cooperation with YZY D Rose and said that it “will be soon.” After months of anticipation, we now only receive further teasing from Derek Rose’s wife Alena. This shoe is called “DZY” on the surface, and seems to mimic the previous foam running shoes, which helps to make some comparisons-some are not very good-looking. From the material point of view, the silhouette of this shoe looks exactly the same, and even provides the same bony appearance as when the clogs first appeared. However, Rose’s design is much more exaggerated, reminiscent of a chest cavity to some extent, or like a fish skeleton commonly found on the Internet.

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