November 28, 2021 3:15 am

DH9597-001 Nike Air Force 1 Athletic Club for hot Dropping

Nike’s “learning” even surpasses what actually exists. As early as Roswell Rayguns, Air Jordan 1 Fearless the brand liked fictional teams and clubs, using their names as a medium for numerous distributions. The recently established “Sports Club” is one of the clubs that have recently opened membership, and many combinations are welcome, including the two children Air Force 1. The clothing tongue and heel label of the “sports club” logo are in red, white and blue, regardless of the background. In one case, the stamp sits on a neutral dominant blend of white and gray-the latter is applied on suede, and the front leather. Then, an azure blue injects additional color into the entire Swoosh. In terms of color matching, bright yellow is chosen for the lamps, which forms a strong contrast with the black and white paneling at the back.In the years since Ronnie Fieg founded KITH, he’s effectively made every sneaker brand a close friend. While he continues to foster these partnerships, few have come close to rivaling Fieg’s relationship with ASICS, which lit the runner craze around a decade ago. And to commemorate these years, the two seem to be reuniting for a special panel that’s exclusive only to the most dedicated of fans.

On November 15th, Nike shared a notice through Menairshoes that Travis Scott’s Nike Air Max 1 collaboration has been postponed. Respect.” In addition to redesigning the visible air cushion profile before the 35th anniversary, the Houstonian has also been committed to the Nike Air Trainer 1 series. Initially rumored that it will be released in the spring of 2022, and many pairs of cooperation may be cancelled altogether. However, recent unofficial “light soot/honeydew/particle ash” color pictures appeared on social media, indicating that what the two parties have been waiting for is only the new year. Scott (formerly known as Jacques Belmont Webster II) admitted to the tragedy of his life at his festival on November 5th, but his sincerity was largely questioned by social media networks because The timing and ambiguity of this music festival. Travis Scott’s influence over the past five years in sports shoes, streetwear, music, and culture as a whole is undeniable. Although the Nike and Jordan brands may not admit it now (if they ever did), the lead singer of Cactus Jack helped revive some of their most iconic sneakers – such as Nike Dunk (Nike Dunk). Dunk).

Swoosh’s push notification from November 15 indicated that Scott’s next Air Max sneaker would eventually be released because the company could have quietly removed this sneaker from the calendar and issued an official statement. , Sever contact with the artist. But should it? Countless netizens have abandoned everything about “La Flame”, but there must be an audience, Newly Jordans and Scott’s fire is still lit. As long as Scott continues to produce “good” products and music, it is very likely that he will continue to revel in happiness, his creativity and stardom let him. However, the current branches will almost certainly keep their distance, and some of them will definitely move forward, as if they have never worked with this influential 30-year-old. If every Travis Scott’s sneaker cooperation plan is cancelled before the Astronomy World Festival, the leaked products will definitely sell for high prices in the aftermarket. What about Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan 4 and other joint projects launched since 2017? These shoes will become a neglected but vital part of Nike’s history.

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