November 27, 2021 11:51 pm

DN1696-062 Rui Hachimura Air Jordan 8 With A Jordan Series .01

Cadysneaker to complete his 2021-22 season debut in the next two weeks, Rui Hachimura has been busy with his Jordan brand family. In addition to the cooperation with the Airman Jordan No. 8, the Washington Wizards forward lent his creativity to the Jordan Series. 01. This shoe is inspired by the era of Michael Jordan playing baseball, and its synthetic leather and suede uppers use the “black/gym red/sesame” hue. Most of the design of this sneaker is black, which is different from Hachimura’s first Air Jordan retro model, but it pays tribute to the 23-year-old Japanese. 01. A maze-like pattern appeared on the tongue and heel, and Hachimura’s “H” logo replaced the ruby-colored tongue label. Chinese characters appear at the bottom of the tongue tag and the outer middle of the foot, the latter giving way to the nickname “Dear Rui”. Finally, the sock liner is characterized by a large number of illustrations inspired by Japan and its art, as well as basketball.

Only a week in November, Hey Dude Women’s Shoes is already preparing for spring. The brand uses Blazer Mid Jumbo as the canvas, spreading countless sunflowers on the Swoosh to welcome the arrival of the new season. But in other places, this package is very simple and aesthetically close to the existing version. White leather is used throughout the exterior, supplemented by a slightly darker stretch and suede. Below, the tool just keeps this familiar feeling with its “sail” finish, and further contrasts the sunflower full transformation to the check and tongue label. When Quan Zhilong finally retired from the military, fans shed tears and gratefully witnessed the long-awaited return of the fashion icon. Nike also quickly celebrated, commending the Big Bang leader in cooperation with Air Force 1 (Air Force 1) “Para-Noise”. Today, two years later, the brand and the artist once again collaborated to launch a brand new shoe: Kwondo 1. After numerous trailers, showing her silhouette. Just like the more limited Air Force 1 before, the Swoosh color of this pair is brighter. Green, yellow, blue, and pink are alternately worn on the right and left feet, breaking the details of the earthen cavity and the white of the tasselless kiltie. In addition, the sole is painted yellow, which is closer to the old-fashioned product.

In 2014, “Guardians of the Galaxy” rewrote the successful model of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before being released, most Marvel movies contained the basic and predictable elements of superhero movies, but James Gunn’s directorship injected a certain degree of acrimony, self-deprecating humor, and flawless soundtrack, establishing the true Anti-hero identity. Cat Boots ,Its success is largely due to Chris Pratt’s portrayal of Peter Quill; the rise of the star can be compared to the American actor himself from unknown to half-life . As Adidas continues to cooperate with Disney and Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans will see two Quill-themed spins on the forum. The design in the forum mimics his leather jacket because of its mysterious red leather appearance and zipper tongue. 84 Hi returned to the original blue color scheme, perhaps to cater to Quill’s love of 80s music. In addition to recreating the colors of OG, Adidas touched Quill’s destructive nature in the graffiti style details in the middle. Both forums have a custom tongue tag with a guardian badge, and a custom shoebox.

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