November 27, 2021 11:50 pm

DO1830-200 Air Jordan 3 Camo to Debut on Nov 29th, 2021

The more unique concept in the New Drop Jordans 2021 holiday collection is this Jordan 3 “camouflage”, which mimics the infamous flight jacket theme designed by Undefeated and Jordan 4. The background color of this Air Jordan 3 is dark olive green and orange, and it is covered with various military camouflage patterns. These patterns are interspersed with a series of olive and brown army-themed tones, and suede, canvas and twill add texture diversity to this eclectic design. In addition, patterns and colors are mixed together, arranged in a “what” style, with orange satin covering the tongue of the back of the face. Finally, the heel panel is covered with viscose fabric with a removable patch that allows you to switch from Jumpman to Nike Air. There are three types of lace to choose from in this retro-style shoe box, which are tan, orange and black.

The love story between Patta and Nike Air Max 1 officially began in 2006. As 2021Shoes approaches, this iconic air-cushioned sneaker ushered in its 35th anniversary, and the Dutch brand revisited it with some of the most eye-catching designs in the history of sneakers. Under the “Wave” banner, Patta has modified the iconic fender of the first Air Max, giving it a curved nature and the title of the series. In the latest works of this long-term partner, the tones of “Monarch” and “Noise Aqua” have appeared in the previous two works, and the latest two works mainly wear “Rush Maroon”. The base of this sneaker maintains the mesh structure of its debut in 1987, immersed in the traditional “metallic silver” hue. Other details include the orange color on the collar and the “NIKE AIR” brand on the heel, the semi-“aged” midsole and packaging and accessories, which all reflect the Surinamese descent of the Patta boss.

Although we do not know whether Quan Zhilong will launch other music projects, at least we can find comfort in the cooperation with Nike. In December of this year,Skechers Outlets  ,the two will reunite for a brand new Taekwondo No. 1 shoe, which was inspired by the previous Air Force No. 1 “PARA-NOISE”. Both close friends and the protagonist of “The Big Bang Theory” teased themselves that Boxing No. 1 is an all-white design that seems to draw on many external influences. First of all, the details of the brogues covered in the upper are a direct tribute to the tailor, comparing these shoes to classic dress shoes. Below, the sole provides a slight platform and a clean appearance, which is no different from the Margom sole used on luxury sneakers. Finally, the fringed kilt is covered on the lace unit, which not only serves as a shield for the PEACEMINUSONE logo, but also as a stage. Additional brands are found in lace tips, insoles, and heel labels.

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