November 28, 2021 12:12 am

James Bond x adidas UltraBOOST Pack to Debut On September 24th

Since 2020, the film industry has been severely affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Calls for social distancing led to a drop in theater attendance, 2021 Yeezy Boost ,which in turn led to delays in movie releases. Most famously, James Bond’s new movie “No Time To Die” has been postponed many times. However, what is certain is that the 25th James Bond movie will hit the big screen on October 8. To celebrate this milestone in film history, Adidas launched an Ultraboosts sneaker inspired by the scenes and characters in the upcoming movie. This product should be on the market a year ago and consists of three adidas Ultraboost 20 models, adidas Ultraboost DNA models and adidas Ultraboost SUMMER.RDY models. Two of the Ultraboost 20 series have an invisible all-black appearance, but they are actually printed on the liner with a scene from “No Time To Die” as a pattern. The remaining Ultraboost 20 and SUMMER. RDY was inspired by Bond’s enemy-the new Safin and long-time rival Spector. This allows Ultraboost’s DNA to represent himself, because it has a smooth cream appearance that reflects the exquisite style of the spy. In addition, 007 movie logos are also printed on the insoles, such as “Casino Royale” and “007 Breaking the Sky”.

A few months ago, British artist Kelly Anna London added her iconic front body silhouette to Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 (one of Swoosh’s latest running shoes). Hey Dude Women’s Shoes ,London visual artist Joy Yamusangie put together the “Running Ideas” series to vividly show what they are thinking when they are running. Available in black and white, the Nike Pegasus 38 is decorated with brightly colored drawings that reflects Joey’s flowing artistic style. These hand-drawn graphics include running routes and directions, jogging characters and decorative lines. The theme of storytelling through art continues to extend to the insole, where she writes “We all have a story.” Joey said they hope to inspire the confidence of future generations of artists, runners and others. Their “Running Ideas” package reminds people that sports, art, and culture are something everyone can participate in.

First seen in the official pictures in mid-July, the “Strawberry Milk” of Social Status x Nike Dunk Mid (yes, you read that right) is scheduled for September 15 (Wednesday) and September 17 (Friday). It will be sold through an in-store lottery. 2021Shoes Inspired by the free lunch drinks in cities like Pittsburgh in summer, the upcoming Nike Dunk is full of pink shades on its suede, leather and felt uppers. Topics related to “social status” also include the “ingredient” list on the inside of the heel and the “SELL BY” message on the lining of the neckline. Although Adidas Forum Low favors simple color schemes rooted in the tradition of the 1980s, the silhouette has established a more interesting iterative and healthy flower team. The newest?: Black suit, inspired by Dracula. Similar to other recent adidas Originals proposals, this upcoming sneaker incorporates Halloween-related colors and images before October 31st. The bat-like fur falls on the toe box, midfoot and heel pads of the low-top shoes, while the bloody red decorates the 3-Stripes on the side and the brand on the locking straps. The glittering silver lace Dubra shoes are in the shape of earl’s fangs; the teeth also appear on the lining of the sock. At the foot, the Adidas Forum made the final statement, the green patterned outsole, may boast the ability to shine in the dark.

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