August 17, 2022 8:15 am

Lindsay Lohan honors Mean Girls and The Parent Trap in Easter Egg-filled ad: ‘Avoid the plastics’

Nothing can stop the Lindsay Lohanaissance — not even a renegade school bus.

The actress revisits her memorable roles in a new ad for Allbirds running shoes, which stars Lohan as she makes several references to Cady Heron from Mean Girls as well as sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James from The Parent Trap.

The clip begins in a posh home whose occupants clearly have taste — there’s a plate of Oreos and peanut butter (Hallie and Annie’s favorite snack) on the bedside table.

“I didn’t run track in high school — I was more of a mathlete,” Lohan says at the top of the clip in a clear reference to Heron’s favorite extracurricular activity Oofos Shoes while she walks past a poster of Africa (Heron’s home continent). Another poster reads “Where Dreams Have No End,” the name of a memorable song in the Parent Trap score.

The next scene sees Lohan selecting a pair of the running shoes from her home collection — “the pink ones, of course,” she wrote on Instagram — before exclaiming, “Well, it is Wednesday.” (Mean Girls fans know that pink is the only acceptable color to wear in the middle of the week.)

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls and The Parent Trap
Lindsay Lohan referenced ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘The Parent Trap’ in a new Allbirds commercial.

“These don’t just look cute — they’re made with natural materials. Always avoid the plastics!” she says at the end of the clip (an obvious shout-out to Regina George’s posse), before closing out the ad by teasing the correct pronunciation of her name. “Perfect for a queen bee like Lindsay Low-en — or is it Lindsay LOW-han?”

Though Lohan hasn’t appeared in a significant movie role in nearly a decade (that changes this holiday season thanks to Netflix’s Christmas rom-com Falling for Christmas), she regularly nods to her past in the public eye — including in a 2022 Super Bowl ad for Hey Dudes Shoes Planet Fitness that featured her playfully engaging with her personal controversies with the paparazzi and DUI arrests over the years.

In a 2019 interview with EW, Lohan also speculated on where her iconic characters are today.

“I think that they’ve swapped. So I think Hallie is in London as a parenting counselor, and then Annie is in California running a vineyard,” she said of the Parent Trap duo. Meanwhile, she suspects that “Cady Heron is definitely back in Africa building homes for orphaned gorillas, for sure. Obviously.”

Watch Lohan reference her roles in the Allbirds ad above.

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