November 27, 2021 11:15 pm

Newest Nike Kyrie 8 Dress Up In Multi-Colored Camo Patterns

If you have been paying attention to the recently released version of Next Nature, then you will know that most versions do not like colors.Menairshoes prefers to keep many sports shoes neutral and start designing with a universal tone. But here, with the latest Air Max 95, the brand has finally begun to relax. However, this does not mean that the neutrals are completely out. Black, gray, and white are used extensively in the side layers, from dark to bright as the panel moves upward. Only then will the hot pink work, not only in the eyes, but also in the air force unit. More importantly, it makes a more subtle embossment on the insole next to the circular design logo. A brand new color scheme for Kyrie Irving’s upcoming iconic sneakers has appeared. A multi-color camouflage pattern can be seen on the engineering mesh on the upper part of the sneaker. Above the reticulated shell is a leather covering and university blue and black tongues, while the inner model of purple lines. The unique stitch embroidery on the heel may be an important aspect of Kyrie Irving’s life, and his badge appears on the tongue through a metal frame.

As October passed, there were only a few weeks left in autumn. With the advent of winter, New Jordan  soon launched their upcoming products, including Air Huarache suitable for this season. For the coming cold weather, the couple took the first step in bright blue. The hue wears leather covering the edges and toes as well as synthetic ones, immediately underneath. The white is adjacent, complementing the core theme with the midsole, heel piece and tongue/collar. Then, a black neutral color formed a complete color scheme in the trademark, soles and insoles of the “International” logo. There are other interesting details about the name of the model. Obviously, this brand new silhouette will be called Nike Irving Infinity, because the number 8 also matches the infinity symbol. Adding more dimensions to the profound nature of this model, the number 8 will also appear on the right tongue.

With Nike SB’s signature, Sean O’Neill seems to emphasize simplicity. Sneakerheads2020 Many colors currently in stock are mainly neutral, with cream and gray as the main color. But here, the direction of this pair of shoes is slightly different, because it adds a loud swirl pattern on the heel. This image stretches out from the middle of the sole of the foot to the other side, in gray, and its floral pattern explores all ends of the tone spectrum. Although this brought a breath of fresh air to the entire series, it was short-lived, because the rest of the structure chose pure black suede, all-white soles, and the co-branding that also lacked color. It is not uncommon for the Jordan brand to reuse color schemes. Their most iconic combinations—whether it’s “Bred”, “Concord”, or similar combinations—return in silhouettes other than their own. Here, the “DMP” color scheme is done the same way, Air Jordan 11 CMFT low. The black leather is polished to the fender, like a mirror polish, shimmering, unlike the rough mesh on the back of the shoe. The lining, lace, and eyes are similar textures, conflicting with the above and the gilded side of the dress and the Jumpman brand. Finally, under the black midsole, a nod to the DMP bag completes the ice blue finish.

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