November 27, 2021 11:59 pm

Nike Dunk Low Midas Gold is the perfect Dunk for USC Trojans fans

Nike’s endless low-waist dunk series have had some respite in the past few weeks, but ubiquitous shoes like Dunk Low in 2021 have never been out of the spotlight for a long time,Ecco Shoes Sale Cheap and official images of Dunk Low “Midaskin” have recently surfaced. . A two-tone color scheme that looks like an abandonment from the “True Your School” bag. “Midas Gold” combines its signature golden hue with a “tough red” shade color scheme, which seems to be influenced by the USC Trojan horse. Inspired. The toes, hips and collar are all made of golden leather, while mudguards, eye pads, fashionable shoes and high heels contrast with the rich red. The nylon tongue is in gold and is decorated with red decorations, tongue badges and laces. More Nike brands use gold embroidery on the heel and print on the insole by diverging infrared rays. Below is the white midsole and red outsole, making the whole shape more perfect. Critics of the University of Southern California—pronounced: UCLA fans—may laugh at the launch of this Nike tracksuit as a McDonald’s sneaker, but Troy’s alumni and fans will definitely love its vivid two-tone structure. At the time of writing, the official release date of this “turning stone into gold” has not yet been announced. However, it may hit the shelves for $100 later this fall.

2021Sneakers has already had a lot of collaborations with musicians such as Travis Scott, Drake and J Balvin. Now this sports brand has ushered in another iconic pop singer-Billie Eilish. Together, the two worked together on the strike shots on Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Jordan 15, both of which have been revealed through official images. In the “Behind the Design” series of the Nike SNKRS app, Eilish revealed more details of her upcoming shoes. In order to use the earth’s resources more gently, she cooperated with the Jordan brand to provide 100% vegetarian food and more than 20% recyclable materials. Eilish said: “I have always liked Jordan. Creating these is a crazy, surreal, exciting, and unreasonable experience.” This depends largely on sustainability. “She also revealed that since she discovered Jordan, Air Jordan 15 has always been her favorite silhouette, and Air Jordan 1 KO is one of her favorite models because of its dress and shape.

In the autumn and winter season of 2021, Air Jordan 1 Fearless will launch a series of new footwear products to the public. One of the products is the Air Jordan 13 Low, which has just appeared in a new color scheme with an upper and sole that glow in the dark. Its presentation depends entirely on the style of two tones, including mint green and pure black. The former constitutes the covering layer on the side and the inner side, both of which have a box-shaped pattern texture and are divided into four groups of triangles, which have the ability to glow in the dark. More mint accents also appear on the skydiver badge on the tongue. What breaks this is a bunch of black, covered in tumbling leather padding, frosted heels and lining. Hue Jordan logo is also affixed on the back and appears with glossy finish. In the south, the midsole is painted with matte black paint and stacked on top of the outsole that glows in the dark. This all-terrain shoe adopts natural neutral tones. Beige, khaki and sand form a breathable textured upper, while olive and white appear in the structural parts of the shoe, such as the deep sole and supportive middle. end. What prepares the wearer is the details of Flextron technology, such as the natural rolling motion of the feet, and the GORE-TEX film to protect the feet from mud and water damage.

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