November 27, 2021 10:41 pm

Nike Zoom VaporFly NEXT% Dress Up Black And Gold Colorway

Nike OverBreak has not yet received mainstream attention from other propositions under the banner of Nike sportswear, 2021 Yeezy Boost  but it has become the first choice for savvy consumers. In the latest set of clothing, Nike’s react cushion model uses brown, dark emerald and dark red. Similar to the iterations seen before, the vamp of the upcoming pair of shoes is divided into two tones. The liner chooses an autumn-friendly brown, while the matching cover mainly has a dark green hue. The side swoos deviate from their environment in a vibrant red with rich Nike history; the label on the tongue and the logo on the heel follow suit. Under the foot, the sturdy proprietary foam midsole features a series of grooves and details, providing a discordant aesthetic in line with Nike ISPA. New Balance XC-72 was originally launched as part of the collaboration between New Balance and Casablanca. It is a new interpretation of the 70s design, which is both futuristic and retro. The color-matched inline XC-72 is gradually appearing, paired with the next vibrant “Storm Blue” and “Sea Salt” that provide functions-almost completely deviating from the gray scale New Balance XC-72 revealed recently. What this pair of shoes shows off is a light blue pleated nylon upper, supplemented by suede leather of a similar color.

September has just begun, and major brands have begun to look to the future. Like Adidas, Nike is also preparing for Halloween. Hey Dude Women’s Shoes, They designed the theme of black and orange for their beloved Air Huarache. Thick, smooth leather wraps the sides and toes with an orange sheen, reminiscent of mature pumpkins. Underneath, the black synthetic fiber shimmers like satin, matching the color of the cage and tongue tag, but not the adjacent texture. The tongue, much like the instep, has a rounded upper to complement the aforementioned warm tones, while the logo and back heel pull prefer a larger, more saturated change of contrast. The oversized “N” logo, heel piece and foam sole are all in off-white tones, creating a retro aesthetic. Unexpectedly, the tongue indulged in a bright yellow color, extending to the toes like a vertical strip of suede. Outside the toe, a yellow stripe divides the outsole into two different traction patterns and colors, based on the old-fashioned modern style.

Considering its performance capabilities, it will not be too far to say that Zoom VaporFly NEXT% is worthy of the gold medal. Because of the latest New Jordan  color scheme, it seems to have won a medal because its metal casing is paired with the new black casing. Although there is no grand display, the gilding is obvious, not only in the Nike brand, but also in the adjacent appliques of the clothing. Elsewhere, the rest of the building is through dark neutral lenses, and gray and black make up most of the upper weave. Below, the tool turns the palette into white to match the thread that contrasts with the swoosh above. After launching rich and vivid products throughout the summer, Nike Waffle One will soon launch a darker color scheme to prepare for the upcoming fall. The first is a new arrangement, which seems to be a self-rotation of lifestyle silhouettes in the classic “Bred” color scheme. The usual ultra-fine mesh upper was replaced with a black mesh nylon upper. Black suede lace and covering to wrap the toes and heel further emphasize the smooth foundation. Around the ankle and under the upper, there are red marks, forming the famous “Bred” color combination. But this two-tone scheme is interrupted by the white animated leather outline Swooshes and foam sole unit. As the model’s name implies, a black rubber waffle outsole completes this upcoming claim.

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