November 27, 2021 10:56 pm

Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 Mid in White Coming for Holiday

Virgil Abloh has collaborated with 2021Sneakers to design as many as 50 dunk colors, but he also plans to launch a large number of shoes in cooperation with him in the coming months and 2022. The next genius designer is Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 mid-makeup. Its white color has just surfaced again through detailed images. Air Force 1 shoes are usually regarded as clean and classic silhouettes, smooth leather uppers and crisp hem, but considering that this is another team led by Abloh, he completely improved this shoe with unique characteristics. The base layer is mainly white, and forged with angelic synthetic materials, with full stripes in tones. The thicker white stitching helps shape the various panels of the shoe, such as the toe box and the quarter and belt to bring some contrast, thanks to their gray and black grid patterns. The usual Off-White™ mark appears on the inside, while orange shows the face on the outside. Two sets of shoelaces appear on the shoes. The first set of shoelaces is located at the throat and dialed into a clean white, while the second set of shoelaces passes through the inner and outer sidewalls.

Due to personal reasons, New Drop Jordans did not play a one-minute game in the 2021-2022 season. He missed the training camp and the first week of the regular season. Although his career is currently a bit vague, one thing is for sure, he will soon launch a new style in collaboration with Jordan brand shoes. The latest appearance is the Rui Hachimura x Air Jordan 8 SE, which is a refreshing sight, considering that most of the sneakers provided to him by the Jordan brand in the past few years have focused more on performance. From suede pads to high-end belts, the bottom layer is composed of various materials. The former is treated with a “Twine” hue, while the latter is dialed to a slightly darker shade with an obvious pattern of poor tones. Other eye-catching features worth mentioning include: replacing the traditional skydiving suit logo with Hachimura’s personal logo, the black belt buckle and the tile-like pattern that decorates the skydiving suit and neckline are likely to be similar to the Japanese tradition of professional skydiving suits. echo. In addition, these sneakers are also packed in a special shoe box with a cartoon image on it with a picture of Hachiro Hachimura jumping up and dunking.

SUBU is described as “a packable down jacket that keeps your feet warm”. His winter slippers are as comfortable as when they came. Hey Dude Shoes Following the Japanese brand’s 2021 autumn and winter collection, it has now collaborated with London retailer Garbstore to launch an eye-catching tie-dye collection. The brand is the abbreviation of the Japanese expression sutto haku būtsu, which means loafers. The brand was founded in 2018, but is well-known worldwide for its warm, packable shoes. Now, the duo has collaborated with Garbstore to recreate SUBU. This epoch-making winter slippers features eye-catching tie-dye patterns, including “Galaxy Blue” and “Purple Tone.” Composed of a waterproof Teflon upper, sitting on a durable rubber outsole, each shoe is finished with a subtle SUBU. Brand and come in a neat tote bag.

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