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The best Hey Dude shoes

Which Hey Dude shoes are best?

The landscape between sneakers and formal shoes is vast. It can be hard to find a casual shoe that not only looks stylish but is lightweight and comfortable. Hey Dude shoes run the gamut from sandals to boots, offering a wide selection of shoes that are suitable for a variety of occasions.

The best Hey Dude shoes will fit comfortably yet be versatile enough for everyday wear. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Shoes, for example, are multifunctional shoes that offer support without compromising the wearer’s range of motion, making them an ideal selection for many.

What to know before you buy Hey Dude shoes

Hey Dude has a shoe for everyone

No matter your age or gender, Hey Dude shoes has a style for you. There are men’s Hey Dude shoes, women’s Hey Dude shoes and kids’ Hey Dude shoes. They range from Kizik Shoes sandals, boat shoes and slip-ons to sneakers, platform shoes, boots and more. And if that’s not enough of a selection for you, each offering is available in a variety of colors. With so many choices, it is possible that you may need a dedicated shoe rack just to store your Hey Dude shoes.

Benefits of Hey Dude shoes

Those considering purchasing a pair of Hey Dude shoes can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Hey Dude shoes are affordable.
  • They are easy to put on — Hey Dude shoes simply slip onto your feet.
  • Hey Dude shoes are comfortable.
  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • Hey Dude shoes are easy to pack — the Flex and Fold technology allows you to roll up many styles of Hey Dude like socks for easy packing.
  • Hey Dude shoes are versatile and can be worn for nearly any casual occasion.
  • The shoes are washable — just remove the insoles, drop them in the wash and let them air-dry when finished.

The company strives to be Earth-kind

From biodegradable packaging that disintegrates within a year to manufacturing with recycled cork, plastic, leather and organic cotton, Hey Dude is dedicated to producing shoes that do not harm the planet.

What to look for in quality Hey Dude shoes

Eye-pleasing style

Arguably the most important feature to consider when purchasing a pair of Hey Dude shoes is style. With such a wide selection available, buyers will need to carefully peruse the options to find the style that best expresses their personality.


Some Hey Dude shoes feature enhanced traction. If you will be wearing your shoes in environments where slipping is a possibility, this feature will be important.


Not all styles of Hey Dude shoes are available in a wide fit. If you have a wide foot, you will get a better fit from choosing the proper size shoe in a wide fit rather than choosing the next larger size.

How much you can expect to spend on Hey Dude shoes

A pair of Hey Dude sandals can be as low as $34.95, or a pair of boots as much as $89.95. However, for a pair of casual slip-on shoes, you can expect to spend roughly between $45 and $60.

Hey Dude shoes FAQ

Are Hey Dude shoes true to size?

A.While Hey Dude shoes only come in full sizes —Sorel Sneakers  the company advises sizing up if you wear a half-size — the shape and flexibility of these shoes may require a bit of trial and error when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your first pair. If there are any sizing tips in the description of a particular style, be sure to follow those recommendations to get the best fit.

Can you wear Hey Dude shoes without socks?

Dr. Scholl's Odor-x Sweat Absorbing Foot Powder

A.Yes, Hey Dude shoes look very fashionable when worn without socks. However, even in the most breathable closed-toe shoes, it’s easy for moisture to become trapped, causing bacteria to potentially create all sorts of unhealthy conditions for your feet. If you want to go without socks, it is recommended that you do so with multiple pairs of shoes, so you can alternate between them and allow them ample time to fully dry out between wearings. Also, you will need to pay attention to any developing odors and wash your shoes more often. A quality foot powder is also recommended if you wish to wear Hey Dude shoes without socks.


What’s the best Hey Dude shoes to buy?

Top Hey Dude shoes

Hey Dude Men's Wally Sox Shoes 

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Shoes

What you need to know:These multifunctional shoes are designed to be suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

What you’ll love:They are both fashionable and comfortable. The Flex and Fold technology not only allows them to easily adapt to your foot and your gait, but also lets you roll them up like socks, so they can be easily packed for travel. They are also lightweight and breathable.

What you should consider:Many users seem to get the best experience when they purchase these shoes one size larger than what they typically wear.

Where to buy:Sold by Amazon


Top Hey Dude shoes for the money

Hey Dude Boy's Wally Youth

Hey Dude Boy’s Wally Youth

What you need to know:If you are looking for a pair of Hey Dude shoes for your kid, the Hey Dude Wally Youth is a top choice.

What you’ll love:Just like the Hey Dude shoes for adults, this kids offering features the trademark Flex and Fold technology that supports feet while providing complete freedom of movement. The removable memory foam insole not only provides maximum comfort, but can help reduce odors caused by sweating.

What you should consider:These shoes may not be as durable for the rugged wear of very active kids.

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