March 30, 2023 11:27 am

Why Dr. Martens Are the Only Travel Shoes You Need to Pack This Season

Heading out on your next travel excursion can be a stressful flurry of planning, prepping, and shoving everything into suitcases, but there is one way to make the trek a little more enjoyable: by upgrading your gear. That goes for seasoned jetsetters spending weeks abroad, or day-trippers looking to prep a casual weekend of walking.

On any trip away from home, tech essentials like portable chargers or noise-cancelling headphones will make your trek even smoother. But the right travel clothing, and yes that means footwear, is going to make a world of difference for your overall mood, even if you’re just spending more time than usual on your feet. Nobody wants to pack shoes that will get destroyed on the road, or have to Google Translate how to ask for a bandage.

For the best travel shoes shopping, Dr. Martens is a great place to start. The footwear giant is one of the best sources for sought-after boots and premium sandals, which are versatile enough to work for any kind of trip you’re on (and will hold up to almost anything, too). A high-quality Dr. Martens leather strap sandal, for example, can take you from the airport terminal to a museum, to even a night out on the town. Plus, Dr. Martens is currently offering a sale fit for summertime excursion, with Docs up to 40% off, and select sandals at 15% off.

Those long hours of road tripping and connecting flights ahead of you will be made easier with the best travel-friendly shoes. We’ve rounded up Dr. Martens footwear that check all our boxes for durability, style, and maximum packability.

Best Dr. Martens Shoes for Travel

Below are some of our favorite Dr. Martens shoes to get you outfitted for your next excursion. We’ve chosen gear that’s both practical and stylish, with picks ranging from boots to sandals. You don’t have to be planning a trip to pick up these footwear pieces either — they’re great for everyday summer styling.

1. Ricki Nappa Lux Leather 3-Strap Platform Sandals

Ricki Nappa Lux Leather Platforms

Dr. Martens

If you’re going to be walking around old historic cities, or anywhere with uneven walking paths, you’re going to want some footwear that’s super grippy — enter the Ricki Nappa Lux Leather Platform Sandals. They’re actually a rework of Dr. Martens old Quad sole, with deep cleats that will help you keep your balance on any terrain, and a two separated, lightweight soles that won’t drag you down.

2. Vegan 2976 Felix Platform Chelsea Boots



Dr. Martens

For those interested in sustainable travel practices, Dr. Martens’ vegan-friendly Chelsea boot is made without any animal products. Constructed from synthetic Felix Rub Off leather, they’re as durable as any of DM’s other leather boots, and can keep you going even when your travel mates want to hit another museum. The elasticated side panels also let you slip them on and off with ease, which is a no-brainer for airport security lines.

3. Avry Hydro Leather Strap Sandals

 DESCRIPTION Never stop this summer. Our latest sandal is fitted with a front toe post along with adjust...Read More AVRY HYDRO LEATHER STRAP SANDALS

Dr. Martens

Feet sweeting under the hot sun during your vacay? Happens to us all, but you can stay cool and fresh with the special “Hydro” Leather on these Avry Strap Sandals — they ride on top of a molded antimicrobial cork footbed, so you can avoid the travel funk all summer long. The cushiony memory foam footbed also ensures that you’ll stay comfortable no matter how long that walking tour lasts.

4. Vegan Jadon II Kemble Mono Platform Boots

Vegan Jadon II Kemble Mono Platform Boots

Dr. Martens

These towering Jadon boots are made for when you want your travel outfit to be a statement — you’ve got your new “vacation” fit on, and you can elevate it all (literally) stacked on a 1 and 7/8 inch air-cushioned sole. The white monochrome laces match with the smooth matte finish, making these versatile enough to fit with every outfit you packed.


5. Voss Leather Strap Sandals

Voss Leather Strap Sandals

Dr. Martens

Travel-friendly footwear needs to strike the perfect balance between being light enough to not spike your checked baggage weight, but tough enough to stand up to, well, actual travel. The Voss sandals have a super-lightweight body, and a tough-as-nails construction — and with two leather straps, you’ll get a comfortable, adjustable fit to help avoid any travel-induced blisters.


6. 1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up boots

Dr. Martens

An inimitable classic, the 1460 is the original Dr. Martens boot, and has all the style and famously-tough design to carry you through your next out-of-town excursion. The leather, grooved sides are classy enough to dress up for an expensive dinner, but you could throw these on for a sight-seeing day. The comfortable, air-cushioned sole will also keep you on your toes when all the “stylish” shoe options you packed aren’t sturdy enough.

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